SilverStone ST60F & TJ04B-W Testimonial

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Purchased on : 16 Feb 2009

Name: Ricker
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Profession: Technical Support Personel

Ive been a silverstone user since i discover the durability and the performance of these PSU's... it was an awesome experience... even before i was using the silverstone st50f and zeus 750wats and recently, i bought a new silverstone st60f . The reason i like this psu because you can easily manage your cables into your pc because of modular cables, every cable is weaved, plenty of molex connectors, four 12-volt rails, and stable operating voltages. While it is certainly not the cheapest 600-watt power supply to be found, the Silverstone ST60F is without a doubt a potent and reliable solution for today’s latest power-hungry desktop configurations.Overall Rating: 10/10.

Without a doubt im a silverstone fanatic. I aslo used their silverstone TJ04B-W PC casing, i  like it so much because i like the design of their chasis and it has a tool less hard drive tray which i can put my hard drives easily without any screws and its so easy to mod the case thanks!