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ST50F-ES & PS03B-W Testimonial

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Purchased on : 15 Nov 2010
I only trust Silverstone Power Supplies to power my system, the brand i can rely on. High reliability and great performance makes it the best in the business. As for the Chassis/Casing, i want my RIG to look good, no doubt Silverstone is my number 1 choice.

Klyde Ybañez Peñan
Student USC-TC BS CompE-CN2


SilverStone ST60F & TJ04B-W Testimonial

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Purchased on : 16 Feb 2009

Name: Ricker
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Profession: Technical Support Personel

Ive been a silverstone user since i discover the durability and the performance of these PSU's... it was an awesome experience... even before i was using the silverstone st50f and zeus 750wats and recently, i bought a new silverstone st60f . The reason i like this psu because you can easily manage your cables into your pc because of modular cables, every cable is weaved, plenty of molex connectors, four 12-volt rails, and stable operating voltages. While it is certainly not the cheapest 600-watt power supply to be found, the Silverstone ST60F is without a doubt a potent and reliable solution for today’s latest power-hungry desktop configurations.Overall Rating: 10/10.

Without a doubt im a silverstone fanatic. I aslo used their silverstone TJ04B-W PC casing, i  like it so much because i like the design of their chasis and it has a tool less hard drive tray which i can put my hard drives easily without any screws and its so easy to mod the case thanks!

SilverStone Strider ST60F & Precision PS01B-W Testimonial

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Purchased on : 31 Oct 2008

Name: Roy Mutya
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Profession: Technical Personnel

I bought this st60f psu which was my very first silverstone power supply (definitely not the last) and i never regret in buying this product stable voltages,SCP is really functioning not like other powers supplies that for marketing purposes only and modular too which gives me ease in my cable management.....

I am a silverstone case user also because i like the design of there chasis and since i use silverstone power supply why not use a silverstone chasis

Precision PS01B-W (Modded)

SilverStone Strider ST50F Testimonial

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Purchased on : 15 Aug 2008

Name: Paul Joseph Coñoso
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Profession: Technical Support Rep

I have to admit that this is the first true-rated power supply that I’ve had since I started working with computers. Back then, it was fine even if the PSU is generic-branded as long as the computer works. When I started to get serious about being an enthusiast (mainstream, that is), I knew that I have to protect the computer as I consider it an investment and as a hobby (over clocking and optimization), one must have a power supply capable of delivering the power requirements of the components in the system. The sheer number of power supplies available in the market is astonishing, each one claiming as the best, for a price. The strider offers both performance and price for someone who’s on a tight budget. Reviews and details about certain products are available at a click but it was Hardware Secrets that made up my mind and purchased the Strider as it not only has a very decent price, it has features that protects the computer.


There really is no question as to the advertised features on the box, it just works. I am one of the unlucky customer to have received a defective batch units of ST50F. Symptoms would include only the hard drive led and fans turning on but the system doesn’t post. If the PSU was generic, I’m sure one way or another it could’ve damaged the processor, motherboard or the memory but not with the strider, it refused to provide power these components as it might damage them due to the defect. Still, Fine Upgrade’s support is exemplary and within a couple of days, I received the replacement (new) free of defects and working like a charm. Still not convinced? Silverstone gives you 3-years warranty for the unit, how’s that for bang for the buck?