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Xtreme Computing UK gives the ST56F the GOLD AWARD

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This is a really nice PSU design from Silverstone.  The unit looks good, is easy to install, is silent and efficient.  There are a couple of negatives, but the only one that is really a sticking point for me is the lack of modular cables. But if this doesnt bother you then this PSU is ideal. However, if you need modular, the ST60F is also available.


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The M·Play Mini product is aimed squarely at HTPC and notebook users. The hockey puck shaped receiver module connects to the computer via USB, which brings an IR remote control into the picture. Given a clear line of sight, the remote control works at distances of up to 16 feet (5 m) from the receiver, which is more than enough for most living rooms. This unit does not support any of the additional functions that the M·Play Blast or 202 delivers, but the Mini does integrate well with Windows MCE 2005, and all MCE functions are available through its remote control.

TOMSHARDWARE Recommends Vlsys Remote Control for HTPC

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Now that we've had this product in-house for several months, we remain convinced that the M·Play 202 isn't just a good add-on for Windows MCE installations - it's for normal XP versions as well. Nevertheless, you'll still be able to make best use of this product if you do run Windows MCE.


Please take note that there is a new version of Mplay 202 which now looks exacrly like the Mplay Blast. gives the ST400 silver editors award!

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SilverStone Strider ST400 400w Power Supply

SilverStone updates its mainstream Strider ST400 computer power supply. Last time SilverStone failed our low voltage test, critical in the USA. We find out whether or not this new version is up to our quality standards.