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Dreamware Computers of KL01B Casing

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I hope I've been able to paint a good enough picture in your mind of the many great features the Silverstone KL-01 has to offer. This really is an excellent case and has already gone through many hardware changes in the short amount of time I've been using it - all without complaint or problems. If you're looking for a mid-tower case, don't settle on putting your brand-spanking-new system in a cheap brandless case, spend the extra money and put it in the Silverstone KL-01 (or KL-02 if you don't want a door). You won't regret it for the features and looks this case offers!

Stunning looks and design (Available with and without window)
Tons of useful features
Built-in hot-swap rack
Attention to detail is fabulous, right down to venting out the slot covers
Two included fans
Front door is reversible and vented on the sides

Top ports could be relocated to be more convenient
Thumb screws on the main side panel would be a nice little addition
Power button wire didn't reach to where it should have on my motherboard
Reset button occasionally sticks

Virtual Hide-Out GD01S-MXR the HTPC Casing

Product : SilverStone Grandia 01- MXR HTPC Case


    The SST GD01MX is without a doubt a very attractive looking HTPC enclosure. The aluminum front bezel is not cluttered with stuff you don't want to see, allowing it to blend in nicely with an entertainment setup. The remote control has a learning curve so don't expect to ace this overnight. The included fans weren't even heard over the other components in the enclosure, so fan noise shouldn't be an issue. One issue I do have is regarding the fan plugs: I wish they would have included a Molex adapter since not every motherboard has extra 3pin plugs to spare, as is the case with MATX-style motherboards like the one I used.

    The remote can be used as a mouse and keyboard, but I don't recommend this. Instead, grab a wireless KB if you want to surf the net. The LCD display is bright and crisp and can be seen clearly from across the room. Like I said above, the GD01 HTPC enclosure will be a smart addition to an entertainment setup. It can even be used in a desktop application; it should fit in well with any system it's chosen for.

Phoronix gives theMS02 Hard Enclosure and 8/10

Product : SilverStone MS02


Looking over our Linux results with Fedora Core 5, in three out of the four tests the SilverStone MS02 had positioned itself for a first place lead over the Enermax Laureate and Bytecc Hotdrive. In the hdparm read test the SilverStone had a marginal 1.66MB/s advantage over second place, while in the timed copy it had an impressive 6 second lead, and in the RPM copy it had shrunk to a single second. In the file relocation of America's Army installer, the MS02 had lost by six-tenths of a second. However, an advantage that the two competing enclosures had over the Storage MS02 was complete compatibility with Linux even going back to early 2.6 kernels. As we had mentioned in the performance section, the Linux compatibility issues were resolved by switching to the development version of Fedora Core 5. Outside of the direct performance, the drive looked incredible with its brushed aluminum finish and durable construction. Included with the MS02 was the handy carrying case that also stores away the USB cable. Some other advantages to the unit are the near silent operation as well as running relatively cool. For Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh users, the SilverStone Storage Series with the MS01 and MS02 could certainly be a likely contender on their next shopping extravaganza; however, GNU/Linux users should ensure compatibility with their specific distribution. What is next for SilverStone? Questioning SilverStone Technology when there was initial word on their website of offering storage products (December 2005), they said it would start with external hard drive enclosure products sometime after the New Year. Whether they will unveil additional storage-related products in the near future is always a possibility, with SilverStone Technology being known for their diverse product selection. In addition, SilverStone is also pushing their new Ensemble Audio Series with the flagship product being the EB01, which is a USB digital to analog converter

Johnny Guru Review the ST75ZF

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Silverstone Zeus ST75ZF is no doubt one of the heaviest pieces of
machinery you'll ever find in a PC. With it's only drawbacks being a
low aesthetic appeal (just SLEEVE the cables, guys!) and false hopes of
awesome efficiency (the 80%+ efficiency only happens with 230V input),
the short and sweet of it is that this power supply will provide nearly
any user years of dependable service, ample power, quiet operation... I
seriously believe we have the Everlasting Gobstopper of power supplies
here... oh wait... I also have an ST85ZF here to review!

Xtreme Computing UK gives the ST1000 it's Gold Editors Choice Award!

Product :

Modular or not modular that is the question, I have my own opinions on this one and being a user with a rig that can kill your normal mortal 800’s and lower I tend to keep clear of anything less than that in my rig. In my rig I tend to need all but 2 sata cables, which means every other cable is in use, so a modular in my case has all the cables in use.

Well to get to the point quick, in this power range I would tend to go for a non modular. But the Silverstone ST1000 has changed that opinion and despite the fact I use all the cables (well almost) I would still buy this, with Solid rails this PSU has to be a winner, and for those of you running a high end rig or are planning to, without all the cables (or with) , the ST1000 makes perfect sense. A good solid PSU that deserves its gold award.

T-Break Recommends the ST1000-NV

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Silverstone Strider 1000 Watts gave us astonishing results during the testing; all of the 12V rails managed to stay above 12.35V for the time of testing, even during the full stress mode using both programs Orthos and 3Dmark 2006 at the same time. Comparing to Enermax Galaxy 1000w, the modular cables makes the work easier on installing the whole system, since the cable management is now easier with it and provided more efficient airflow.

XSR Review gives the ST1000 it's editors choice awards

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1000W used to only be for kettles or heaters, but now your PC can be supplied with a kilowatt of energy. Several manufactures have had a go at the 1000W supply, and I’ve yet to see one that really stands out from the crowd. Today I have the SilverStone Strider which builds on the success of their many other power supplies. Have they got it right?....


Anandtech Reviews the ST1000-NV

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Silverstone sent us their Strider 1000W unit, which comes with detachable cables. Users can detach all of the cables, including the 24-pin ATX harness. This makes sense as Silverstone also offers a complete set of shorter harnesses for smaller cases. The housing is a standard black and cooling comes from a large 135mm fan. Since the PCB for the cable management takes some extra space, the Silverstone is longer than the Akasa PSU. The Strider 1000W comes in a huge package with maximum protection on all sides - expensive but a good way to prevent losses caused by shipping. Silverstone includes all the necessary parts for a quick installation.