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Ocmodshop TJ04 Case

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Cases have come a long way since the days of the AT form factor and many advancements have been made. Ascetics are also play a large part in peoples decision on what case to buy. Though the way a case looks is obviously subjective there are certain designs and features that are typically looked for. On the outside this case is a beauty with its high quality paint finish and brushed aluminum bezel. The front I/O connections and security offered by the side panel lock are also huge benefits. The quality of the outside continues to the internal design with its almost fully tool-less design. Watercooling is also becoming more mainstream and available for the typical user. One of the biggest problems encountered with setting up a watercooled system is case space. With the two 120mm fans cutouts provided this case will work perfectly for just about any system. I really do like this case a lot and though it lacks a motherboard tray and did not fully meet their tool-less claim, there is little to dislike about this case in the overall picture. Taking everything into consideration minus the shipping damage this case deserves a 9/10 earning the OCModShop Seal of Approval. I would like to thank SilverStone for making this review possible.


# Pros: High quality paint finish
# Brushed aluminum bezel
# Semi-toolless design
# Bright blue power and HDD LEDs
# Tool-less drive bays
# Thumbscrews used for side panel and HDD cage
# Front I/O panel
# 120mm intake and exhaust fan
# Side panel lockable for security

# Damage in two places
# No removable motherboard tray
# Bezel difficult to remove
# Not 100% tool-less

Ninjalane TJ04 case

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a case modders standpoint the Silverstone Temjim TJ04 passes with
flying colors. The case material is 0.8mm SECC steel making it just
about the right thickness for modding without being too thin. As we
know thin walled cases tend to rattle constantly especially after
cutting a few holes for fans and such. While this does make the case a
little heavier the extra bulk comes in handy to ensure a trouble free
and stable case for modding.
The front panel is
really the key design element on the SilverStone TJ04 and defines the
entire case as a modern piece of computer hardware. The elegant lines
and brushed finish are very clean and require no further modifications,
unfortunately because of this there is really no option to increase
cooling performance through the front of the case. As for painting the
stock finish is amazingly shiny and durable so painting may or may not
be needed.
This particular case arrived without a
power supply but did include two 120mm Silverstone case fans; the fans
are white in color and blend well against the silver inner case walls.
As these are standard case fans they are easily replaceable by removing
the 4 screws holding them in place.
Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things.
The Good Things
Modern Styling
120mm Fan Support
Aluminum Front Panel
Glossy and Durable Paint Finish
Hand Operated Drive Retention Devices
Attention to Detail.
The Bad Things
Restrictive Cooling
Anodized Front Panel Difficult to Paint

IN4 TJ04

Product : gives TJ-04 rate at 8.5/10.

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Once again, I'm very impressed with
SilverStone's newest offering. While it's not quite as upscale as their new Nimiz TJ-03, it comes in at a much more attractive pricepoint, and still looks great from the outside, and is functional on the inside. I love the tool-less drive installation (something Beantech fell a bit short on with their lack of inclusion of 3.5" HDD clips), but I wish they would have included thumbscrews for the PCI slots to complete it.

The aesthetics of this case are impossible for me to communicate via pictures, but I've done the best job that I could. Before I received the TJ-04 I figured that it might be plain and boring looking, but in person, you see the brushed aluminum front panel, and the beautiful shiny sides and top, along with the mirror-reflective trim. All of this packaged together displays elegance and refinement in any setting, especially near a wood desk (which I know many of you own) or next to a home theatre.

I'm going to give the TJ-04 an 8.5/10.

Beautiful paint job
Diamond-cut edges are very unique
Simple yet attractive looking
Decent expansion room
Clean interior with room for unused cables
Good price

Steel body inside
Right door is difficult to get off

XYZ SG03B Case

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