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Techisland Gives the TJ10 a quick video review!

Product : SilverStone Temjin 10-W Full Tower Case

We takes a closer look on this buzz-making PC case that has recently
hit the shores of tech island. This new High Quality Engineered case is
a full tower case made to give your PC a home it deserves. You want to
find out if its worth all the hype? Check it out!

MaximumPC TJ09 Full-Tower Case

Product : SilverStone Temjin 09-W Full Tower Case

They must be putting something in the water over at SilverStone, because those guys just won’t stop cranking out big, dreamy cases. In 2004, the SilverStone Temjin TJ03 housed our Maximum PC Dream Machine in style, our 2005 Dream Machine sported the TJ05 chassis, and the TJ07 graced our dreamy 2006 model. While we weren’t exactly wowed by SilverStone’s mini-tower TJ08 (reviewed in August 2006), the Temjin series is back in black with the TJ09, and we’re more than a little enamored with this highly evolved enclosure.

While not quite as tall as the TJ07, the TJ09 is nearly as spacious, giving you plenty of room to thrash around in as you work, and providing ample area for you to run (and hide) your cables. And if you don’t manage to cram every inch with hardware, there’s even space for additional fans (complete with three empty fan slots) or room enough to mount a complete internal water-cooling system (complete with radiator and pump). If you do run out of interior space, a pair of outlets precut into the aluminum casing let you run hoses out the back without altering the case or taking up valuable PCI slots.

Like the TJ07, the TJ09 includes two hard drive cages with room for three drives in each. But the TJ09 improves on its elder by offering quick-release rails on the cages so they slide out in a second and give you easy to access your drives. There’s even a clip for a 120mm fan between the two cages, so you can keep your drives cool when the fragging gets fierce.

We’re less jazzed about the massive lip that covers the rear edge of the chassis, which makes it tough to reach the screws on your peripheral slots with an electric screwdriver. And while we generally love all the cooling options we can get in a tower, the TJ09’s massive induction fan takes up a little more of the case’s otherwise roomy interior than we’d like.

Fortunately, the fit and finish on this sleek, brushed-aluminum enclosure—complete with a nifty little pop-up door that lets you quickly reach your USB and headphone ports—easily make up for its few shortcomings. We’d be happy to build a system in this bad boy any day.

HeYus TJ09 Full-Tower Case

Product : SilverStone Temjin 09-W Full Tower Case


In the past, we've had mixed feelings about Silverstone's expensive cases. These were because of oversights with the construction, definitely not the style, of their aluminum chassis. There are no such oversights with the TJ09. They've worked all the kinks out of their production lines and engineering.

This case has re-aligned my sense of scale with its ease of access, roomy interior, and installation simplicity. Its looks are in a class reserved for stereos and home theater gear; "lifestyle" hardware, not computer cases, let alone server chassis. It is a masterpiece of industrial design, and I'm personally going to keep this case as long as humanly possible. Or maybe until Silverstone decides they want to make something kick even more ass.

This case has set a higher bar for all the rest, and not just computer stuff. It looks out of place next to my maple desk and its plaintive brass. It deserves more. Maybe I can put it on a pedestal. And if you can muster the courage to take a Dremel to it, you'll find yourself with a very good case to modify. Be sure you've got the skill to not diminish it though, that'd be a shame.

I can't even think of a way to improve this case. Maybe sell it with a rebate, though, "?cause this thing is expensive.

If you've gotten this far and like what you've read, do yourself a favor and collect the scratch to buy this case, because you won't find anything nicer. Sell a kidney if you have to. Simply put, the TJ09 has set a new standard.

3GM TJ09B Case

Product : SilverStone Temjin 09-W Full Tower Case

The SilverStone TJ09 Case has lots of drive bays, a removable motherboard tray, excellent air circulation, is all aluminum, has exceptional build quality, and looks fantastic. This product is truly an example of what you should be looking for in a high quality mid-tower case. It's easily one of the best mid-tower cases on the planet! Watch the Video to find out more..."

Rbmods TJ04 Case

Product :


This is a very nice case which only has one flaw and that is that there is not a removable motherboard tray. Otherwise the case is very nice and it also has some noteworthy features. The case is heavy and looks big from the outside but inside it's not to large. It's more wide than it is high. The locks on the drive bays are very nice and do actually work. You can also lock the side of the case which prevents sneaky kids from getting into it :) In the back there are holes for 80,90, and 120 mm fan which is very convenient so you can choose for yourself which fan you want to install. All in all we give this case 3 out of 5.


+ Nice black finish
+ USB ports in the front
+ Locks on the 5,25 drives
+ Good documentation
+ Removable harddrive bay


- No removable motherboard tray
- Tight inside between PSU and motherboard
- No PSU


Product :