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SilverStone Treasure Series TS01B Review

Product : SilverStone Treasure Series TS01
#960 - SilverStone TS01 2.5" HDD Enclosure


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Written by Rodney Reynolds
Wednesday, 11 June 2008
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SilverStone TS01 2.5" HDD Enclosure is all aluminum, weights 85g,
supports 2.5” SATA HDDs, is compatible with USB2 and supports all
current operating systems. This enclosure is very compact but well
constructed so it's very sturdy. Watch the video to find out more."
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3GM Video Review #960
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TS01 2.5" HDD Enclosure



Sunbeamtech Automaton Case Review

Product : Sunbeam Automaton Mid-Tower Case


Sunbeam has another great looking case to add to
their line up with the Automaton.  It's clean lines really do credit to the
design team that put it together.  Aesthetically, I think the Automaton rates an
easy 9 in most anyone's book. 

In regards to the case's feel, it never had a rock
solid feel however, this needs to be put in the proper context of the Sunbeam
Automaton weighing just a hair over 5 kg.  You can't have lightweight and
something that can double as a bar stool at once.  At the same time with so much
sculpted body work on this midtower, the Automaton wasn't too large to carry
around but it certainly wouldn't be my first pick for a LAN box out of fear of
damage to the outer shell.

Aside from that however, it's hard to find fault with
the Automaton as a desktop chassis.  I would have liked to have seen a removable
motherboard tray but must admit the case had plenty of working room inside to
get parts installed and cables routed with ease.  The three 120mm fans provide
excellent ventilation and never were the source of any displeasure from their
sound signature.  Sunbeam has done a nice job with their Automaton case and the
$120 price point feels right or it.  Let alone anything that looks like the Alien
gets cool points right off.  If the looks are right up your alley and you're in
need, the Sunbeam Automaton is sure to be a case you will enjoy for


  • Great looks

  • Super lightweight

  • Plenty of ventilation

  • Practical layout

  • Roomy

  • Quiet operation


  • Lacks a sturdy feel

  • No removable motherboard tray

  • No hard drive activity lamp??

SilverStone Fortress FT01B-W Review

Product : SilverStone Fortress 01-W Mid Tower Case

The SilverStone FT01 is one of the nicest cases I have used to date and
has found a new home on my desk. The attention to detail that
SilverStone has taken with this case is above and beyond the norm and
the case itself simply looks gorgeous.

Starting with the exterior, the uni-body design is certainly a winner
and gives the chassis a sleek look that others simply can't match. The
black anodized brushed aluminum, both inside and out, are done to
perfection. If black isn't your color, you can also pick up the FT01 in
silver, both with and without a side panel window.

The window on our review sample is nice and only shows off the meat of
your hardware. After all, who wants to see your hard drive rack and
expansion bays anyway?

Around back, a free-flowing 120mm exhaust fan helps to move warm air
outside of the case. A top-mounted 180mm intake fan also helps in this
process, while another 180mm intake fan up front supplies cool air from
outside and is directed over the hard drive rack. This fan
configuration creates positive air pressure inside to optimize cooling

It seems that bottom-mounted power supplies are all the rage, and the
FT01 follows that trend. I like how SilverStone gives the end user
flexibility with how they choose to mount their power supply. You can
either have the traditional intake fan facing up or down. If facing
down, the air vent at the bottom of the case allows fresh air to come
in from under the case, cool the power supply components and go out the
back of the case. This method doesn't affect the airflow inside the
case one bit.

A modular power supply will go a long way to help reduce cable clutter
from unused cables. Unfortunately I didn't have a modular unit on hand
and opted to remove the three bottom hard drive racks and store my
spare cables in that area.

SilverStone included seven removable vented slot covers specifically
designed with the positive pressure system in mind. They also
thoughtfully provided holes for your screwdriver when interacting with
your add-in cards. Two rubber-edged holes are also present at the top
of the back bezel for running watercooling tubing should you happen to
watercool your system.

A total of seven hard drives can be used in the FT01, and you could
even make them hot-swappable using SilverStone's optional adapter.
Actually mounting your hard drive does require screws, so the system is
not totally tool-less. SilverStone has included rubber grommets in each
bay to keep vibrations to a minimum.

The five 5 1/4" drive bays, however, are tool-less and the system seems to work pretty well.

With two large 180mm fans, one might expect some noise, but that is not the case. All three of the case fans are whisper-quiet.

I only found a few real issues with the FT01; the first being the hard
drive rack. The SATA power connectors extend out a bit and make it
difficult to use a single power supply strand, as the side panel
interferes with the cables when they bulge out. I ended up having to
use two separate cable strands and am only using three hard drives. If
I was using all seven bays, I would think some right-angle connectors
would be required for clearance. Also, with most or all drive bays in
use, this would certainly cut down on how much (cool) air would reach
the rest of your hardware.

Another area of concern is the fan filters. The front one is fine, but
the filter in the top rear fan seems really difficult to remove, and
even more so with a case full of hardware.

As of writing, the SilverStone FT01 retails for $229.99 as configured
here today. This is a bit on the expensive side, but if you want
quality, you have to pay for it. has awarded the SilverStone FT01 our Seal of Approval.

Sunbeamtech HDD Docking Station Review

Product :

A docking station of the modern hard drive


Here’s a hard disk docking station from
Sunbeamtech that allows users to connect a 2.5” (used for
notebooks) or 3.5” (for desktops) SATA HDD of up to 1TB to a High
Speed USB 2.0 or ESATA port. The device easily enables the direct
connection of a SATA HDD or SATA II HDD to your PC without the
hassle of assembling the HDD to an enclosure. It is actually safe
and probably the most convenient way to retrieve or transfer files
from an external hard drive into a computer. The Sunbeamtech HDD
Docking Station is suitable for 2.5" and 3.5" SATA HDDs
with interface for USB 2.0 with max. 480MB/s file transfer, at the
same time supports USB / ESATA hot plug feature. The docking station
is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux and Mac. The package
includes: one HDD Dock; one USB Cable; one eSATA Cable; user manual;
and one 12V/2A DC adapter.

Build and quality 
Value for money 


CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9350e Quad-core 2.0GHz RAM:
Kingston HyperX KHX8500D2K2 2G DDR2 1GB x4 HDD: WD Caviar SE16 500GB
x2 EIDE/SATA Motherboard: ASUS M3A78-EMH HDMI with ATI 780G chipset
DVD-RW: ASUS DRW-1608P Video: ASUS EAH4870 LCD: Dual 19"
ViewSonic VX1932WM Speakers: Tascam VL-A4 Cooler: ASUS Lion Square
PSU: Ultra X3 600W UPS: APC Smart UPS SUA1000i OS: Microsoft Windows
64-bit Vista Ultimate (Product video on; click
tech times / hardware)

Silverstone Element ST50EF-PLUS 500W Review

Product :

Now let's score our power supply...

Performance (weight of 40%) gets a 10.
The efficiency was almost always 80% or better (79% at an unusually low
load where efficiency would be at it's worse,) it has active PFC and it
does what SilverStone says it should do: 500W, no problem. 36A on the
12V rail, no problem. Ripple was less than 50mV even under full load
and the fan was nearly silent. SilverStone gives us a pair of PCI-e
connectors, so we must assume that this power supply can do some fairly
high end SLI or Crossfire, but I'm going to say we might want to keep
it at the 7900, not the 7800 SLI, and at the X1700 and not the X1900

Aesthetics (weight of 10%) is 7. Just
like it's 400W little brother, the Element 500W has a very utilitarian
appearance. But at least they sleeved the main ATX, the EPS+12V and the
two PCI-e cables. Just hide the peripheral connector cables behind the
drive bays and you're set.

Value (weight of 30%) score is a 10.
To see a 500W power supply that has active PFC and 80 plus efficiency
is refreshing. To see it come in at under $100 is a relief!

For functionality (weight of 20%,) I'm giving this power supply a 8.5. Most of the cables are sleeved, we're given a pair of PCI-e connectors. That's a great start!

Overall, the Silverstone Element ST-50EF-Plus gets a score a "9.5"
This power supply is simply awesome. It really does offer all of the
features that everyone should look for when looking for a power supply
of this power range.

Performance 10
Aesthetics 7
Value 10
Functionality 8.5
Total Score 9.5



SilverStone's product selection definitely covers a
broad range, and I've yet to be disappointed with anything they've
offered for a particular market group. Here, Silverstone is targeting
the "efficient" market with an 80% plus model. Naturally, with better
efficiency comes lower noise since the fan doesn't have to move as much
air. So the "quiet PC" folks will be happy. But because this power
supply offers 500W of power with 36A on the combined 12V rails, they
meet the needs of some of the most power hungry systems. When the icing
on the cake is the fact that this power supply sells for under $100,
it's hard to look past this product no matter what kind of power supply
market you're in.

The Good....

  • 80%+ efficiency
  • Active PFC
  • Solid rails with only a .1V drop over a 12A load on the 12V rail and less than 50mV of ripple!
  • SLI/Crossfire ready with two PCI-e connectors and plenty of juice
  • Plenty of connectors
  • Great price

The Bad....

  • Nothing bad to say!

The Mediocre....

  • Not all of the cables are sleeved

SilverStone Strider ST50F 500W Power Supply Review

Product :

Strider ST50F provides one of the best cost/benefit ratios for users
looking for a good mainstream 500 W power supply. First, it can truly
deliver 500 W at 50º C, which is outstanding. Second, the number of
power plugs this unit has is more than a mainstream user will ever
need: two 6-pin auxiliary power plugs for video cards, six SATA power
plugs and six peripheral power plugs. And the third highlight from this
power supply is its efficiency, above 85% if you pull up to 300 W, 84%
if you pull 400 W and 80% or 82% if you pull 500 W, depending on the
load pattern. And fourth we could make this power supply to deliver up
to 598.5 W.

Compared to other 500 W power supplies we have reviewed recently, Antec EathWatts 500 W and Corsair VX450 W
(which is the same power supply as this model from Antec but with a
different housing) are better products because they provide a little
higher efficiency, have overloading protection up and running, and
provide a lower level of noise and ripple.

On the other hand, SilverStone Strider ST50F is a better product than Enermax Liberty DXX 500 W, which, amazingly enough, is more expensive than the reviewed product.

you compare prices, this unit is unbeatable: it costs only USD 67 at, while Antec EarthWatts 500 W costs USD 90, Corsair VX450W
costs USD 75 and Enermax Liberty DXX 500 W costs USD 100. It is also
cheaper than Zalman ZM460B-APS (USD 85 at the same store), a power
supply that uses the same project as the reviewed unit and we suspect
that they might be identical (we will review this power supply from
Zalman very soon to see if this is true or not).

The only
problems we can see with this power supply is the lack of a MOV on the
transient filtering stage and the lack of an overload protection
circuit, and that is the only reason we are giving it our “Silver
Award” seal instead of our “Golden Award”. But, like we said, this is a
terrific product.

SilverStone FT01 wins Techgage scores 9 out of 10

Product : SilverStone Fortress 01-W Mid Tower Case

When I first received this chassis, I expected it to be quiet. What
I was not ready for was just how quiet it was. I have built quite a few
PC's where I could hear the hard drive spinning over the fan noise but
they were also not that effective in cooling everything down, requiring
me to limit my overclocking or to install a CPU cooler with a loud fan.
Add to that I am running a known-to-be-hot video card and I was almost
certain I would run into issues with silent fans.

SilverStone took some time making sure this would be as close to
silent as possible. Both side panels are insulated with foam padding.
Also, by using the plastic cage for the hard drives, they were able to
insulate the hard drive noise as well. I can honestly say this is the
quietest case I have ever used that runs fans.

The next feature that blew my mind is the utter lack of sharp edges.
Most manufacturers have woken up and pay close attention to this little
detail. However, since I am looking for them, I have managed to always
find at least one finger-biter in every chassis I have ever worked on.
The Fortress just plain has none. If the edge is not rolled over, it is
dulled. Even putting your fingers where they do not belong does not
reveal a sharp edge.

When it comes to airflow, nothing kills it faster than those silly
stamped fan holes. Even the newer large opening designs still
contribute to back-pressure causing the fan to be less efficient than
it could be. Here we see the complete lack of them and the use of a
more "normal" wire fan guard instead. This makes a huge difference with
low speeds fan as they lack the pressure to push through smaller
openings. This is also another reason for the silence as there is a lot
less turbulence from the air flowing into and out of the fans.

While there was little bling and flash used in the design of this
case I can't help but feel that there was a tremendous amount of time
spent developing it. Something as simple as including a reset switch
gives big points in my mind. There is nothing worse than pushing your
overclock too far and having to reach around to the back to flick off
the switch to the power supply because you system had hung hard.

Then there is the cooling. I have yet to see fans running under
1000RPM, no matter the size, remain effective in system cooling. Noctua
has been the only fan I have previously run at speeds that low that
could manage decent performance. Someone sure did their math correctly
because even my furnace of a video card had no idea what hit it.

Even with the GPU fan set to a measly 30%, I was recording idle
temperatures in the low 40C range and I have yet to see 70C after hours
and hours of gaming. Doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but that
card is overclocked as far as CCC will allow. The same goes for my CPU.
I haven't seen over 40C even running overclocked to 2.5GHz. This may
still not seem like a huge deal until you remember that this is all
happening in near silence.

Overall, this case easily scores a 9 out of 10. It has far exceeded
my expectations on every level. I do not give out ratings like this
very easily. In fact, I believe this is the highest anything has scored
in my eyes in some time. What it all boils down to is that you simply
get what you pay for. I found pricing from $200 - 240 and can
whole-heartily say that you will not be disappointed for spending your
hard earned money here.

Any way you look at it, this case is a sure winner. If you don't
need E-ATX size and you want drop dead silence and looks, this case
will work great for you. I have had the pleasure of working with some
really good cases before, but from here on out I feel I may be spoiled
and expect too much in the future. If you are ready to build and have
yet to pick a case, take this one very seriously. I guarantee you will
not be disappointed.


  • Top-notch build quality.
  • Superior air-flow.
  • Extremely quiet.
  • Light-weight.
  • No sharp edges anywhere.
  • Excellent value.

  • Quality like this doesn't come cheap.
  • Would like to see more how-swap connectors included.
  • Over-insulated.
  • No E-ATX compatibility.