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SilverStone Strider Essential 500W (ST50F-ES) Review

Product :



SilverStone generally does not venture into the area of
low-cost products as they have had much success in just producing the
best, high-end
power supplies and computer enclosures for enthusiasts and gamers.
However, they
have dabbled with lower-priced ATX enclosures in the past like the Precision
and have shown they can make good products at a more attractive
With the launch of the SilverStone Strider Essential series, they have
shown they
too can produce a good power supply for those on a limited budget.

The SST-ST50F-ES is not a power supply you'd want for a
new high-end
build, but if you're short on cash and looking for a 500 Watt power
supply that
provides a strong +12V rail, a quiet fan, and sports Active PFC with 80
PLUS certification,
the Strider Essential 500W is worth considering. The ST50F-ES can be
found at
Internet retailers like Amazon
for just over $50 USD.

SilverStone HDDBoost Review @ Hardware Canucks

Product :


- Does boost system performance
- Enables operating system drives to be larger than any current solid
state drive
- No need to worry about TRIM, ITGC or any other solid state drive
- No increased reboot time
- Seamless, unnoticeable synchronization
- Easy firmware upgrading
- Decreases random access time


- Does have a slight latency hit when compared to the SSD used
- Not a great value for anyone building a higher-end new system
- Software needs an FAQ
- No SMART monitoring
- Only as good as the SSD used

Overclockers Online Patriot Memory LX Series 32GB SDHC Memory Card Review

Product : Patriot LX 32GB SDHC Class 10

Patriot Memory has always been one of my preferred memory suppliers. They continue to deliver quality products at a reasonable price. The 32GB LX Series SDHC is no different. With a current market price of $110, there is less than a 20 dollar price premium when compared to a 32GB Class 6.

 The Patriot LX
clocks in close to 16MB/s for sequential write and well over 20MB/s
sequential read. With a 5 year warranty and compliance with the next
generation of SD 3.0, the LX will be good for much longer than the life
of your camera or camcorder… unless you upgrade at my rate!



  • Fast read and
    write performance
  • Reasonably priced compared to Class 6 cards


  • Limited

SilverStone Fortress FT02 Chassis Review

Product : SilverStone Fortress FT02B-W Case

Final Words and Conclusion


When we reviewed SilverStone’s last high end chassis, the RV02 it was tested around the same time as the Corsair Obsidian 800D and this prompted a lot of debate around the office about which model was the best. Opinion was very much split with some preferring the design of the RV02 and others the styling and simplicity of the Corsair model.

With the launch of the FT02 we have to once again revisit this debate but this time the outcome was a lot easier to reach...

Starting with the external appearance of the FT02 we have a chassis which looks fantastic, the curved design looks great and the quality of paintwork through is flawless. This gives this product the edge over both the RV02 and 800D.

The thermal performance of the FT02 is also excellent, with some components barely moving when we applied 100% load to the system. This, combined with the low noise option gives us a very desirable chassis for those who want to move between optimal temperatures and low noise levels depending on their task.

Finally we have ease of use. Building a system in the FT02 was a very easy task, requiring very little thought. Simply install the drives and PSU before screwing in the motherboard and add-in cards. There are plenty of holes which allow cable routing behind the motherboard and this is a very roomy chassis which makes installation of components simple.

So far so good then, though not everything about the case is perfect... had SilverStone added a couple of extra USB ports on the front panel connector section we would have been happier. Having said that, when the worst we can say about a chassis is that it could have had two extra USB connectors we really know that it’s a winner.




SilverStone have taken the concept behind the RV02 chassis and improved the build quality and aesthetics to a completely different level. They have done so while maintaining excellent thermal performance, ease of use and low noise levels which all combine to create a phenomenal chassis.

Product Award Product Award

SilverStone Fortress FT02 Case Review @ Hardware Secrets

Product : SilverStone Fortress FT02B-W Case


We were absolutely amazed with SilverStone Fortress FT02. It has only one flaw: it is too expensive for the average user. But for the user that can afford it, it is worth every penny, due to its superior quality and improved airflow design. In fact, from the three cases offered by SilverStone with the motherboard rotated 90º (RV01, RV02 and FT02), this one is the one we liked best. We usually don’t recommend cases above USD 200 because we don’t see value on cases above this mark, but today we have to open an exception.

Strong Points

* Top-notch quality with aluminum exterior, with rear, bottom and front panels made with the same aluminum sheet.
* Motherboard installed rotated 90º, improving thermal dissipation.
* Hole for accessing the backplate from the CPU cooler on the motherboard tray.
* Holes for routing cables on the motherboard tray with rubber covers.
* Clips for fastening zip-lock ties.
* The two USB ports are far away from each other, allowing you to install two “fat” devices at the same time.
* Air filters on the bottom fans.
* Speed controller for the bottom fans.
* Foam for reducing the noise produced by the PC everywhere.
* Screwless mechanisms for fastening drives.
* One hot-swap bay for hard disk drives.
* Supports the installation of radiators from certain liquid cooling solutions on the bottom.
* Sturdy construction.
* No sharp edges where you could cut yourself while building your PC.

Weak Points

* Too expensive.
* No eSATA port
* No thumbscrews for fastening expansion cards.

SilverStone Raven RV02B-W Case Review @ Hardware Secrets

Product :

Hardware Secrets Golden Award

Raven RV02 is a full-tower case targeted to the enthusiast that wants a
high-quality high-end full-tower case and liked the concept of the
motherboard being 90º rotated but doesn’t want to pay more than USD 200
on a high-end case. Here is a summary of what we found about this

Strong Points

  • Innovative design where the motherboard is rotated 90º so the rear part of the motherboard is available on the top of the case, improving thermal management and also making it easier to install and remove cables from the PC.
  • Top-notch quality.
  • Individual speed controllers for the three internal fans accessible from the top panel.
  • Dust filters for the internal fans and for the power supply fan.
  • Anti-vibration mechanisms for the hard disk drives.
  • Support for one 2.5” disk drive.
  • Far better priced that Raven RV01, providing a good cost/benefit ratio for the enthusiast user.

In summary, we think SilverStone hit bull’s eye with Raven RV02. It
brings the innovative design introduced with Raven RV01 but at a more
affordable price. At USD 180 it is still an expensive case, but in our
opinion it is worth every penny of it (compare to the outrageous USD
250 price tag RV01 had when it was first introduced – being, by the
way, the reason we didn’t recommend RV01 at the time). The only real
problem with this case is its reduced number of hard disk drive bays
(three or four, if you use the adaptor that comes with it).

SilverStone Sugo SG05 Review @ Hardwarezone

Product :


Despite the efforts of companies like AOpen and Shuttle, the small form factor (SFF) PC segment has never really taken off in a big way - at least in the DIY market. Big OEM vendors like HP and Dell have had some success selling small desktop systems but these are pre-built ones that differ from the customization offered by SFF models targeted at enthusiasts.

SilverStone too has been relatively new to the scene, with the first of its SFF oriented Sugo series debuting in 2005. The goal as ever for such SFF enclosures has been to maintain the form factor while expanding the possibilities that one can outfit it internally. For instance, even high-end or even dual graphics cards could be supported in this chassis. Unlike Shuttle who has its own custom motherboard and CPU cooler integrated in its SFF chassis, SilverStone has stuck to just designing and building the chassis alone.

Even though the small form factor enthusiast PC is a rather niche market, it's always great to see more choices available besides the usual names like AOpen and Shuttle. SilverStone's Sugo SG05 is the company's smallest yet.

While the goal of allowing consumers the flexibility of adding their own components is commendable, the implementation in SilverStone's latest venture into the mini-ITX segment, the SG05 is less than inspired. Getting the slim optical drive required for the SG05 for example, may not be as easy as dishing out more cash. We believe that it's likely that retail outlets will end up bundling the optical drive along with the SG05 for convenience's sake.

The other major issue has been the cable management. SilverStone could probably improve this aspect, with shorter cables or even pre-routed cables. Since the orientation of the drive cage is fixed, there's no reason why this can't be done. It could have saved us quite a bit of time during installation, particularly since the SG05 is anything but tool-free.

Besides these issues, the ventilation aspect appears to be well-done, with a large and quiet 120mm fan to pull the air into the chassis. The small included power supply also looks efficient and capable enough to support a decent, mid-range system. Finally, priced at around US$99, it's not prohibitively expensive, considering you're getting a PSU along with the chassis. For those who have been mulling over the idea of a custom SFF PC, the Sugo SG05 will require some effort to make it work but once done, it should be humming along cool and quiet.

Ratings Legend
5.0 Stars Perfect 4.5 Stars Excellent
4.0 Stars Very Good 3.5 Stars Good
3.0 Stars Above Average 2.5 Stars Average / Fair
2.0 Stars Below Average 1.5 Stars Bad
1.0 Star Very Bad 0.5 Star Not Retail Worthy

EVGA X58 Classified Review @ Anandtech

Product :

We are proud to present the EVGA X58 Classified
motherboard our Gold Editors' Choice award. We debated heavily amongst
each other during the award process as the conveyance of this award for
a motherboard with such single-minded focus on overclocking concerned
us. Yet, that single mindedness by EVGA to develop and release a
motherboard specifically for the overclocking community is what won us
over in the end. In a market full of competitors all trying to outdo
each other with the same basic X58 blueprint, it is refreshing for a
manufacturer to step outside of the box and take a chance on a unique
product. Yes, this motherboard is expensive and over the top in many
ways, but you get what you pay for in this case. The EVGA
X58 Classified is truly an outstanding product from both usability and
engineering viewpoints. In addition, it also perfectly fits its market
niche along with having some of the best customer support and service
in the business. If your passion is subzero cooling, then we would
stake our jobs on the simple fact that no currently available X58
motherboard is going to beat the EVGA X58 Classified for outright CPU
clocking potential. The board is simply that good.

Now for the rest of us who utilize air- or water-cooling. You may
find a slight advantage with the X58 Classified in terms of reduced
system voltages and memory clocks over the mainstream motherboards. In
reality, the gains are very small when you compare final overclock
limits. Cooling is still king as always, and no board is going to
bestow a magical 3GHz overclock upon you if your cooling is not worthy.

The i7's integrated memory controller takes a lot of the onus away
from board level engineering until you really start to push very high
QPI frequencies. Under a 4.5GHz CPU core speed it's difficult to
discern any real differences between any of the enthusiast level boards
in outright overclocking potential. It is when you get to the fringe of
overclocking where a couple of nifty Classified BIOS functions that
extend signaling margins really come into play. It's using these
additional functions that has enabled us to benchmark our 920 D0
processor at QPI frequencies over 4.3Ghz under full eight thread loads.
Couple the BIOS tweaks along with the subzero boot up workarounds and
it is very difficult to look elsewhere when considering another X58
board designed for overclocking.

If we have to gripe (and we enjoy it at times), it has to be that
the stock board cooling requires the end-user to supply their own fan
before the board is really suitable to be used inside a PC case when
overclocking. A 40mm fan in the retail package would not have broken
the bank and would certainly earn the solution a few extra points. One
also has to consider if adding the NF200 has brought anything
worthwhile into the mix. Based upon our comparative benchmarks in the
preview article, we would have to say no at this point, although it
could help increase clock rates slightly.

The non-NF200
version is $50 less and based on the same board design and features. It
should provide improved 3D scores in most setups but the jury is out on
overclocking compared its big bother right now. Obviously, there is no
getting around the cost of either board, as you simply must be in a
different frame of mind to spend this much on a motherboard. However,
having had the chance to use it, if you asked us if we would buy one
we'd emphatically say yes. Simply because it is the only X58 board we
have used that can truly bring out the maximum unhindered overclocking
potential of the Intel Core i7. If that's what you're all about then
look no further than the X58 Classified. It really is something special.

Silverstone ST60F 600 Watt Modular Power Supply Review

Product :




are at a 'Max Load' for a typical gaming computer, running Orthos,
Sisoft Sandra Hard Drive benchmark and 3DMark06 CPU Test 1 and 2 / Deep
Freeze HDR test, and read with a Multi-Meter.









Voltage Results:

results were excellent for this power supply, the results being well
within range.  The voltages budged a bit when transitioning
from an idle state to a load state, but still remained quite strong.


Stability Results:

+Everything ran fine during testing, the system was
stable and performed the tests as expected. 


Fan Speed Impressions:

+During the tests,
the fan speed did not vary much, being nearly silent in idle mode. A
few whirring sounds could be heard, but they were not annoying.



Installation of this power supply went well.  No issues fitting
inside the test system's case.  The modular cables helped a lot
in keeping the inside of the case neat and tidy.  The velcro
straps and zip ties that were included could be helpful, but I did
not feel that they were necessary in my case.



This power supply would be
ideal for anyone looking to build a multi core gaming /
workstation system with
two video cards.  It is Crossfire X Certified for up to two ATI
Radeon 4870's, which is fantastic. The amount of
available power connectors is adequate and up to date. The fan is also
very quiet
and is great to find in a 600 watt class power supply. SilverStone
power supplies used to be a little noisy in the fan department, but
that has changed.  At around $80 after a rebate, it is a nicely priced power supply.  If there was no
rebate, this power supply would come in at around $100, which is
still a great deal.  Overall, this is an excellent power supply that
offers great performance for the price and should be purchased by anyone
looking for a nicely priced quiet PSU with high efficiency, great output
performance, and
build quality.

Pros +

-Excellent power output

-Three Year Warranty

-Fan is quiet at typical loads

-Fully modular cabling

-Offered at a reasonable price

Cons -

-Could offer more 6+2 pin power connectors.
would like to give this power supply the Editors' Choice Award!


SilverStone Fortress FT01B-W Review

Product : SilverStone Fortress 01-W Mid Tower Case


Functionality (40%): I have never been
to fond of Mid
Tower chassis. I really like to have the extra room that a Full Tower
offers, allowing the user to do what they want without the constraints.
I was actually a little surprised that I was able to fit the Quad SLI
setup in the FT01 as easily as I was. Once I had finished wiring the
FT01 for the Quad SLI configuration, I was very pleased that I was
actually able to get all those wires out of sight. The FT01 showed that
it had a complete grasp on the cooling side with the positive pressure
design, while making my job of keeping the system clean easier.
Unfortunately the task of cleaning the filters in the case isn't going
to be something so easily done. The top and lower filters will require
some disassembly to access the filters, which will be a bit more
challenging with hardware installed in the chassis. The added option of
having your hard drives hot swappable is another great feature that
isn't very common. The limitation I hit with the CPU coolers is another
area that you will want to watch. Just remember that if your cooler
extends past the upper edge of the motherboard, you might have a
problem with clearance. Silverstone has done a great job at giving us a
case that does have its added benefits, while at the same time, it does
have a few quirks. Overall, I think the FT01 has earned a 9 here.

Value (20%): The Silverstone FT01 can be had for
around $199 - $230 US (with or without window). Honestly, you will get
what you pay for when it comes to high-end cases. The Silverstone FT01
is by no means the most expensive mid tower chassis on the market, but
it does fall in that high-end area with other known manufactures like
Lian-Li and Zalman. Having had my hands on several Mid Tower chassis
over the years, I feel that sometimes, it's necessary to spend a little
extra to get the quality and performance you want in a chassis.  We
will give it an 8.5 for value.

Aesthetics (40% of final score): The
Silverstone Fortress FT01 is an absolutely amazing looking chassis.
With the design styling taking after the original TJ07 chassis,
Silverstone gave the FT01 a little more pronounced definition in the
lines of the case. Everything seems to flow from one panel to the next.
Although the mixture of the anodized brushed aluminum panels, and the
matte finish of the main chassis might not be an exact match, I do feel
Silverstone did an excellent job at fitting the two processes together
in one design. Adding to the the look is the black powder coated
internals of the chassis. The FT01 is simply screaming for a hardcore
system to be installed. Although I would have liked to seen the top
fans mesh grill match the fronts, and would have liked to seen the
front I/O ports handled a little differently. I feel the Silverstone
FT01 warrants a solid 9.5 for aesthetics.


Functionality 9
Value 8.5
Aesthetics 9.5
Total Score 9.1

Silverstone Fortress FT01 is a well built and designed chassis. It
offers large cooling fans that will affectively cool your hardware
without the insane noise levels. The unique uni-body design of the
chassis gives it a great look as well as offering a solid platform to
build from. The chassis is available in four different options and will
be sure to please anyone looking to build an outstanding Mid Tower PC.
We wouldn't expect anything less from Silverstone.