Silverstone Strider Plus 600W PSU


The Strider series is the most versatile and time-proven line of power supply products from SilverStone with models rated from 350W to 1500W and packed with innovative features. To build on this impressive lineup, SilverStone engineered a new generation of power supplies that combine more features than ever before. The Strider Plus ST60F-P boasts the important features professionals and enthusiasts crave:

   •High efficiency: 80 PLUS Bronze level
   •Compact size (160mm depth) to fit in nearly any system
   •Tightly regulated performance of ±3% from a single +12V rail design
   •Quiet and cool 135mm fan

The versatility of these power supplies extends to the 100% modular cables with all the important connectors to support current and future graphics card specifications. For enthusiasts that are looking for the power supply with all the right features to make a high performing and aesthetically pleasing system, the Strider Plus series reaches the goal with maximum satisfaction.

Special Feature:

  • 600W 24hour continuous power output with 40℃operating temperature
  • 100% modular cables
  • Efficiency 82%~85% at 20%~100% loading
  • Class-leading single +12V rail with 42A
  • Strict ±3% voltage regulation
  • Japanese main capacitors
  • Silent running 135mm fan with 19dBA minimum
  • Dual EPS 8pin connectors support
  • Single PCI-E 8pin and four PCI-E 6pin connectors support
  • Support ATX 12V 2.3 & EPS 12V
  • Active PFC

Design for 80 PLUS Bronze level of efficiency to reduce wasted heat and save electricity.

100% modular cable design for use with short cable
kit such as SilverStone’s PP05 or for easy removal in case with cable
routed and tied down.

160mm depth sets new standard for high wattage PSUs with modular cables.

Powerful single +12V rail design, perfect for future high-end component upgrades or overclocking.

±3% regulation performance for high stability.

Built-in 135mm fan has excellent airflow and low noise, perfect for quiet home or office use.