SilverStone SOD02 Slim Optical Drive


SilverStone SOD02 is a slim type DVD combo optical drive which can support DVD/CD disc re-writing. With its SATA interface, SOD02 enables data transfer with maximum compatibility and stability. For chassis that require installation of a slim optical drive (ex. SilverStone Lascala series LC19, Milo series ML02B, Grandia series GD02MT and Fortress FT03) to play and record DVDs, the SOD02 is the perfect solution.

Special Feature:

  • DVD & CD read and write
  • Slot loading design for elegant integration
  • Designed for the chassis requiring installation of a slim optical drive
  • Maximum 1.5Gbits data transfer speed and stability with SATA interface

  1. Minimum System Requirements:Motherboard with SATA interface.
  2. Complete retail pack includes SATAII cable and screws/user manual to build into your computer.