SilverStone SOD01 Slim Optical Drive


SilverStone SOD01 is a slim type DVD combo optical drive which can support DVD/CD disc re-writing. With its SATA interface, SOD01 enables data transfer with maximum compatibility and stability. For the chassis that require installation of a slim optical drive (ex. SilverStone Lascala series LC19, Milo series ML02B and Grandia series GD02MT) to play and record DVDs, the SOD01 is the perfect solution.
(Drive by Panasonic)

Special Feature:


  • DVD & CD read and write
  • Slot loading design for elegant integration
  • Designed for the chassis requiring installation of a slim optical drive
  • Maximum 1.5Gbits data transfer speed and stability with SATA interface

*Complete retail pack includes SATAII cable and screws/user manual to build into your