SilverStone CP06 4-In-1 SATA Cable


The SilverStone CP06 is a set of continuous SATA cable connectors designed to facilitate cabling and reduce clutter inside a PC with multiple SATA devices. It hooks up to four SATA devices via four right angled connectors. Two high quality 2200μF capacitors are included on the cable to provide stable voltage to all connected devices. So if you have a lot of SATA drives in your system, the CP06 is a must buy for improving aesthetics and drive reliability.

Special Features:

  • Great aesthetics with all black cables
  • Continuous support for four sets of SATA drives and devices
  • Includes two 2200μF capacitors for stabilizing +12V and +5V voltages
  • Compatible with most cases with 43mm gap between each SATA connectors