About Us

About Us

Fine Upgrades Computer & Gadgets Distribution Corporation was formed and founded on the principles and love for computer technology. The people involved, not only put their money but their expertise, time and enthusiasm to provide the Filipino People with products and service beyond the ordinary.For them, satisfaction for having the perfect PC, Gadget or Tech-Solution is an ongoing process of achievement. Their dedication to the company is as strong as their desire to build the ultimate personal technology center for corporate, office, small office and home users.  F.U. specializes in directly importing globally-sourced technology and exclusively distributing them in the Philippines.The F.U. team recognizes that negative correlation between cost and quality needs of the customer when it comes to buying the right PC hardware or gadget for you. Why shouldn't they when they themselves have gone and still going through it. The management team recognizes and respects this fact to pursue excellence in providing products and services for anyone in need of computer and information technology.


Technology is nowadays an essential part of everyone’s life, be it for personal or commercial use.  Fine Upgrades Computer & Gadgets Distribution Corporation covers users in both spectrums with one common thrust, the Highest Quality Solutions at prices equal to the rest of the world.  Our strategy is transparency and education.  No longer will our fellow Filipinos be subjected to sub standard products that will not only die on you at the most unpredictable moment,  but also take down the rest of you hardware equipment bought with you hard earned money.  We believe that risking the loss of your data, time and money is not worth the money you save when you buy inferior quality products from computer shops who don’t even know what they are selling. With our help, these shops will become IT experts enabling them to assist and provide you with products you deserve, products that have been tested over and over again, products that will never let you down. 


What drives this company with so much energy is the synergy of the founders' personal enthusiasm to elevate the end-user's satisfaction to a higher level.  As technology continues to develop and improve, thousands of products, systems and services are thrown into the stream for the public to use, our vision is to carefully choose between globally sourced IT products with the highest quality and best value for money, optimally combine them with our world class service expertise and then offer them together to our dealers with premium standard training and education.  This will ensure that the Filipinos will get what they deserve, PC hardware that gives them peace of mind. 
Why us?

-      Quality Products:
All our products are globally sourced IT products of the highest calibre. We challenge you to research about each of our product on the net and you will see that each of them are tried and tested world class quality which  have outstanding reviews.  We also have cutting edge technology items which may not have reviews yet. These products are under our own brand name, FU, unique merchandise that can solve or satisfy even the hungriest enthusiast’s cravings for IT products, gadgets and tech-solutions.  What is even better is we never stop; we are always in the search for the latest and the greatest products for you.

-      Product Knowledge:
We don’t just say that we know our products, you can ask us anything about them and we will be able to answer all your questions.  Our company makes sure the products that we carry are well researched and tested and internalized by our staff assuring you that we know what we are selling. Go ahead, ask us!

-      Training & Caddy System:
Our product experts are ready to train you on how to sell every product that we have.  Not only that, they will also caddy you in selling directly to your customers until such a time that your sales staff have also internalized our selling system.

-      Extensive Experience:
Before Fine Upgrades Computer & Gadgets Distribution Corporation was born, the owners spent  6 years of their life in the retail business focussing on Enthusiast level computer parts and the first ever COMPUTER HOSPITAL in Philippines.  With that experience, they realized the lack of availability of high quality products and the growing need of the Filipinos for such kind of products. Through this six years, they also experienced firsthand what retailers expect, need and want from their distributors,  enough margin to not only survive the dog eat dog computer hardware industry, but to actually make profit. Hence, Fine Upgrades Computer & Gadgets Distribution Corporation came to be.  

-       Warranty:
We realize the importance of warranty when it comes to computer hardware and gadgets. In fact, to the people who really know what to buy, good warranty conditions are primary factors which will encourage them to buy the product. With that in mind, we have placed very customer oriented and customer friendly warranty