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The Silverstone TJ10 Reviewed on RCTV Channel 36: TECHISLAND SHOW!

The TJ10 is being featured and reviewed right now on Sky Cable Cebu's Channel 36: Real Cebu Telivision (RCTV) on the local tech show called TECH ISLAND.  Check it out!

HTPC questions: 720P vs 1080P (LCD or PLASMA TV resolutions)


New Stocks Just In Feb 27 2008

These are the newly arrived goods:

SG01 Evolutions Case (in black and silver)

FP33 Fan controllers for Silverstone Fans.

CP04 Shielded Sata Cable with 90 Degrees connector 500mm length.



FM121 < This was sold out as soon as it arrived but more stocks arriving soon.


MFP51 VFD display and Multimedia Remote.

Authorize dealers place your orders. We have sent you our updated pricelist already :-D

ST1000 on the spotlight at SUNSTAR Newspaper

Check out Silverstone's ST1000-NV on the limelight today, Feb 18, 2008, on Sunstary Daily.

PROMO ALERT! 0% Interest for 12 months On all Silvesrtone items worth 3k and up at Compushack

One of our dealers has come up with a special promotion. For all Silverstone products worth Php 3,000.00 and above, you may purchase them on 12 monthly installment payments at 0% interest with your BDO or Equitable Bank Credit cards.

Now you easily get that Silverstone casing or power supply that  you have always been drooling over :-D

So what are you waiting for, get one now at Compushack :-)

Promo is permmited by DTI as per DTI Permit number 098 Series of 2008.


Compushack Contact Details:

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Silverstone's DA650, on SUN STAR Daily Newspaper today Feb. 11, 2008

The DA650 is featured on Sun Star  daily today Feb. 11, 2008. Dont forget to check it out on page A13 ;-)

 All certified dealers are mentioned below.


Silverstone TJ10 on TV!

As part of  FUTU's drive to educate and infrom the market about all the products they carry; they had Silverstone's TJ10 casing Featured on Cebus First and Only Infotainment Channel, RCTV (Real Cebu Telivision) on Sky cables Channel 36.  The Show TECH ISLAND hosted by Mr. Ryan Yu, features the latest and the greatest tech products in the world.  It's goal is to help people understand and learn about the newest gadget's and tech product's in the market.  

All FUTU certified dealers are shown at the end of the show to tell people where to buy this awesome product!

Sun Star Product Release

As scheduled, we are realeasing a new newspaper ad tomorrow on Cebus Premiere newspaper company, Sun Starr Daily.

Watch out for it :-)

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