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Special Graduation Casing Discount Promo !!!!


How to select a PSU to equip with your system

Every purchase requires careful considerations and this applies to buying DIY components for PCs as well. With proper components, one can create a system that runs efficiently with high value. Power supply choice is an integral part in creating this value, so in addition to power output considerations, one needs to also consider other aspects of power supply performance such as voltage regulation and stability.

Fine Upgrades - Manila Branch Is Now OPEN!!!!

Finally!! Our Manila Office is officially OPEN!!!

Here's our Address:

Unit 506,5th Floor,
JAFER Place Building,
19 Eisenhower Street,
San Juan Metro Manila

Contact Number: (632) 5155276
Cell: 0923710758
YM: fineupgradesadm.manila

SilverStone Christmas Trade-In Promo!!!!!

Attention PC Enthusiast!!

As we near the most awaited and joyous occasion of the year, the Christmas
Season, we would like to add up to the bliss by coming up with a Trade-In
Promo. The Duration of the promo will be for the whole month of December, 2008.
Below are the Mechanics for the promo.


A More Efficient Way to Cooling: Stack Effect

What is stack effect?

effect is a natural phenomenon of air movement driven by the difference
in air density between the exterior and the interior of a structure.


Heat dissipation utilizing the stack effect :

The Raven RV01 Case by SilverStone is Coming!!!!


The OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator (nia)

SilverStone Fortress Series FT01

More than two years after the introduction of the world’s first
uni-body PC chassis, the SilverStone Temjin TJ07, a new product line
was created to extend this unique construction further into other
applications. The first model for this line is the Fortress FT01, which
sports the same super strong uni-body frame as its predecessor but with
even more sleeker profile thanks to its smaller size. Comprised of

SilverStone 80 PLUS Power Supplies

The function of the power supply is converting the alternating current
provided by the power plant into direct current required by normal
computer system. The power consumption is unavoidable during the
transferring procedure and this result in unusable thermal loss, the
difference during the transfer can be named as efficiency.

Formula Calculations:

Vac_in x efficiency = Vdc_out


Silverstone PSU-GPU Guide

Download PSU-GPU guide below!