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Computex Taipei 2012

Computex Taipei

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Fan filter facts

This article will discuss seldom known facts about fan filters used in computers and how you can use this knowledge to maintain consistently high cooling performance for your PC.

Motherboard Form Factor Guide

To increase general awareness of PC users on motherboard sizes and form
factors, the following outlines most known ATX motherboard form factors
in a simple guide.

  • Standard ATX (most of the time referred to as simply “ATX”)

Paul Tan's Reventon MOD on the Silverstone RAVEN Case now Million Dollar PC #39

University of San Carlos - TC "X-Rigs 2011" Computer Expo

Click here to see a large version

University of San Carlos - Technological Center and Datalogics Society Group (Department of Computer Science) are proud to present to you:

Are you dreaming of a white Silverstone Christmas?


Dig My Rig 2010, A Gathering of Cebuano PC Enthusiasts!


COMDDAP 2010 (Cebu Expo).. This is I.T. !!!



COMDDAP (Computer Manufacturers Distributors and Dealers Association of
the Philippines)will be opening this coming July 16, 2010 at SM City-Cebu Trade Hall. The show will start at 10:00 AM and will close at 7:30 PM, The Expo will be until July 18, 2010.So what are you waiting for? lets go and enjoy this once a year event from COMDDAP!

List of Computer PSU Form Factors



This is by far the most popular PSU form factor and is often called the “standard ATX PSU”
Standard dimension for this form factor is: 150mm (W) x 86mm (H) x 140mm (D)
PSU with depth longer than 140mm can still be considered as an ATX PS/2 model

Computex 2010


Computex Taipei